5 simple ways to boost happiness

Can you think of the last time you heard a stranger whistling as he/she walked down the road? Do  neighbors give you a genuine smile when they see you? It seems to me that we’ve become a lot less happy as a society–and that includes  kids.

I noticed that my boss started sending out some kind of weekly “laugh” video and it made me think: why do we need something to make us laugh?

I live in the USA, which is supposed to be the “land of opportunity.” Despite the massive amounts of wealth and power that Americans enjoy, a post by the Anxiety Center quoted that 43% of North Americans are on mood-altering drugs (April 2017). Granted, that includes other countries but that number is staggering.

So what do we do? 

Here are 5 simple ways to boost your happiness level without medication or alcohol.

  1. Stay connected to God. Praying, reading the Bible, listening to great sermons (click here for a link to my favorite preacher’s website) all have a tremendously powerful impact on our emotions.
  2. Be active. It’s about 20°F in my neighborhood now, but there are still ways to get moving. Bundle up and take a walk, go to the gym or stay at home and keep fit. If you’re married, it’s always nice to have a “fit date” where you and your spouse exercise together.
  3. Don’t cram too much in one day. This can be tough if you’re a planner like me, but my wife recently taught me the value of putting less on my daily “to do list.” More on that in another post.
  4. Make time to think about the successes of each day. It’s easy to think about what we DIDN’T get done or the problems we still have to face, but do we take at least 10 minutes to bask on the small or big successes? Yeah, you may have had to deal with a tough client but if you got the problem resolved, that’s a success! Celebrate it.
  5. Stay close to those you love. Even if your kids cause you heartache, the fact remains, they’re your kids. It might be hard to repair a broken relationship but, in the end, it’s always better to be connected to those you love than to be alone.

43% of North Americans need medicine to feel good. This year, let’s lower that number together.

Share your thoughts below.

JP Robinson

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